Alice Jefferson

Hello, my name is Alice Jefferson and I’m from San Francisco. Since I was a young girl I began to discover the social, environmental, and health implications of my daily decisions, I was captivated by researching, experimenting, and disseminating more conscious ways of the living day by day.

On this website, I share with other people who, like me, want to live in a balance between plant and healthy food, nature, simple life, transforming consumption and consciousness, in everyday life.

The Journey Begin

The intention is not to follow a good posture or fashion or to put patches. It is a proposal to observe and discover what is beyond the established and align your lifestyle with what your heart says. Transforming your eating habits, leading a simpler life, or consuming consciously is not always easy or you do not have the necessary tools and support. That is why I share ideas to put this lifestyle into practice and accompany you on the way.

"Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel."